The bugs bite

I’ve avoided the snotty nose for so long but it’s finally caught me with a bang.

It’s my last week of P90x3, feeling as run down as I am, sadly there will be no burpes or pull ups for me today. Really is a downer as I had such a great routine going!

I suppose my biggest issue is will it be hard to get started again if I skip a day or two! Motivations a big one with me.

Exercising with a cold is generally ok, but with a fever (me! 😣) it’s not a great idea. Exercise will just increase my core temperature, which can increase the sickness.

Do what you can do, if you can’t do it, DONT!

It’s also hitting my chest hard, which would only lead to fatigue if I attempted some cardio due to bronchial tightness.

Can’t complain tho, I’ve had a great few months. I would definitely agree there’s proof that exercise can boost the body’s natural defences against illness and infection. ( with the help of shakeology of course 😜)