Time to try something new!

It’s been around 20years (scary thought!) since I first picked up a pair of dumbbells. Even went on to buy a home gym!. But although I was using it daily, I never saw much change. I remained slim and even though I never put weight on in the places I didn’t want it, which is a good thing, I never packed any muscle on either where i wanted it!

Things are different now. With the discovery of Beachbody Home workouts – all of which have worked for me in some shape and form.

I have not however ever tried a bodybuilding program. It’s always been cardio. So this will be a experiment for me.

After seeing fantastic transformations online using he bodybeast program, I have decided to give it a go. 90 days of one hour workouts designed to build mass or get you ripped.

Fingers crossed. Will keep you updated!