The beast! Days 2 & 3

Day two hit the legs hard. I’m not a fan of leg day in any workout tbh – mainly because I spend 14 hours during my work shift on my feet so my legs are pretty burnt out from that even before pressing play.

Sadly for my first attempt at the legs workout, I failed pretty soon in. I wouldn’t say it’s a demanding workout but adding weights to it definitely made it a lot tougher.

The use of the step was something very new to me and I could feel it’s impact almost immediately. Calf’s were shaking.

Day 3 was the guns..I love upper body…this is the reason I started this workout program – to build the upper body strength and each set of moves had me hitting my limit. The biceps were failing 25 mins into the workout forcing me to use baby weights in order to finish. But as the beast himself says, that’s ok! Keep your form and stay with me to the end.

“I must always Remember why I started”

My current weights are :

light 5kg/medium 7kg/heavy 10kg