Days 4 and 5 Body Beast

Finishing my shift late, again ( oh the life of a Theatre practitioner is joyful) , feeling rather depleted of energy I resorted to replacing ‘beast cardio and abs’ with my favourite ab workout – 21 day fix’s flat ab fix…I love it! It’s not easy but your abs after it are screaming from all angles. Mine felt so tight at the end and on a plus side there’s no jumping around, meaning I could pull it off without too much noise at 11pm! Waking a toddler at that time would be fatal for all, esp me. Actually tempted to do this instead of beast cardio for the rest of the program as so effective on chiselling away at the abs and I really enjoy it. ( yes I hate cardio🤷🏼‍♂️)

Already The sexy ‘v’ along the belly button is definitely defining.

After battling the recent downfall of snow and needing to clear my driveway , my arms have alread took a beating even before starting the intense shoulder session Sagi had lined up. Using the recommend beginners weights of 5kg,7kg and 10kg I jumped in strong determined to hit it hard as I have no shoulders at present and really want to change that!! I had a feeling this was going to make or break me. Many times I failed to progress to heavier weights throughout reps, but I finished each round . Shoulders are on fire and my arms shaking like a tickle me Elmo toy. My reward ……vanilla Shakeology …time to replenish my worn out deltoids.

Totally off the subject. Whilst browsing the local Aldi’s for bread and milk supply’s ( epic fail ) I came across a bargain of a book. Very informative and Perfect if you want to understand which muscles are being burned out during the workout and which will create the ultimate ripped look.

Take care, off for a muscle soak. Dobz👊🏻