What’s your reason?..

Today was rest day….but I thought it best I give the abs a workout as I had a cheeky ice cream earlier with the family – I’m only human, didn’t wanna miss out!! A treat now and again is ok. Plus I felt I deserved it after a traumatic day of taking the cat to the vets for his yearly jabs, poor wee soul was so stressed.So what’s your reason….for working out? We all have one. I’d like to say mine was for fun, but that’s not always the case. My reason, (apart from wanting to remain healthy and feel good) is to achieve a body I feel comfortable in. Simple as that. It’s not the working out that makes me feel good. It’s afterwards. When I see the changes. A tighter waist, triceps that are more toned than last week or shoulder muscles finally appearing!! ( one day 🤞🏻)Hence what a before and after photo is essential on these workouts. Seeing change and progress definitely makes me want to carry on – prior to transformation photos I used to feel like I weren’t making any changes and often would give up early or change my routine thinking it wasn’t working . Stick with it guys. There’s always someone taking notice. You can influence them to live a healthier lifestyle too or give them the needed push they need to get them started and press play! My boy loves working out with his Dad. My little future Beachbody super trainer.