Meet my maker 💪🏻

Just blasted through the chest and triceps workout. Building the body ready for the bulk phase. It felt a little easier today probably because now the moves are becoming familiar – also me and the reebok deck have finally made our peace and have bonded well. ( 😒 still prefer a real bench tho)

So it’s only been a week and already my arms feel more toned and well burnt out too! Triceps have no idea what’s hit them – Sagi states bigger triceps help develop a bigger chest. They work together and complement each other. It’s hard to notice in photos but I definitely feel I’ve gained on each arm.Only 83 days to go! See how i turn out around day 40 before my ‘before’ photos are uploaded. Feeling hopeful. Totally believe in the workouts.But who’s behind body beast? Meet my mentor, the beast himself….Sagi started his fitness journey over 25 years ago, back home in Israel, and made his mark in the industry by earning the coveted title of Mr. Israel—TWICE!

But Sagi is more than a big, buff guy. He’s one heck of a brainiac too. Not only does he hold a degree in physical education with a minor in nutrition from the University of Central Florida, Sagi’s a Certified Nutrition Specialist CNS as well as a functional nutrition expert.After graduating from college, Sagi pursued a fitness modeling and acting career.He’s competed and won numerous bodybuilding competitions and titles. He’s also appeared on the cover of Men’s Workout, Iron Man, and Muscle & Fitness magazines, as well as several other publications.

In 2003, after many years of modeling and entering bodybuilding shows, Sagi decided to change his focus to personal training and working with people of all ages to help them get healthy and achieve excellent physical condition.

His extensive fitness knowledge, combined with his training in nutrition, have helped him turn countless lives around. He works tirelessly until his clients get results, internally and externally, causing at least one ecstatic client to refer to him as “an angel with biceps.”