Stay strong….

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. Who hasn’t. But for too long I have wasted time thinking about the errors of my ways and the impact they have had on others. It’s not healthy and tbh is a huge contributor to the struggles I have with my mental health.

I’m human. Not a portrayal of perfection seen on many Instagram accounts. Being human is real and there have been events I wish I had done differently.

The important part being I have ‘learned’ from these events and put the experience into action not to repeat them. I now start every day as a blank sheet ( what happened yesterday is done, unchangeable and there’s no going back!) I try to fill each day with interesting stories, powerful images, friendly people and positive thoughts – Avoiding the negativity, never afraid to ask for help when needed or admit that I’m in the wrong.

The link below is there for your support. Don’t struggle in silence. Set the black dog free.