Disney here we come!!!

So hoping this years Disney experience is nothing like Cadans first encounter with the magical duo last year on the royal mile…i still hear the screams!

So the Beachbody program is on hold for now ( sure there will be a gym somewhere in the magical kingdom tho for a sneaky workout 💪🏻) and I will be taking my super nutrition I.e Shakeology, to keep my energy levels up as I wonder around the park in search of hidden treasures and terrifying rides. 🤩

One more sleep!

If you start a program and you miss a few days the advice given is you continue from where you left off….not the day you restart that’s on the schedule. E.G. clean week.

Say I do Monday core function and Tuesday cardio then life gets in the way and I cant resume till Friday…….I would not do Fridays core function but I would do Wednesday strength as that was due to be the next workout.

This is so each body part is targeted in order….not so much for clean week but for the bigger programs like 21 day fix or p90, science and research has be pumped into these programs so that your body gets worked in the right way/order to make each workout as effective as possible and give the best results!