Learning the ropes..

Beachbody workouts work….there is no doubting that. There are so many testimonials all over the web from very happy clients and successful coaches.  ( Providing you put the effort in of course ) Your not going to get that six pack eating burgers and fries and you will most certainly undo all your hard work in the kitchen if you don’t eat right. It took me a decade to realise a good diet and controlled portions contributes to getting the results you want from your workouts.

Downing protein powder foaming shakes was definitely not the answer either. It did help me gain size don’t get me wrong – but I dread to think what it was doing to my insides and they really weren’t giving my body anything it needed other that 25 grams of protein and an upset stomach.

So more to the point, since starting the workouts, although my size hasn’t increased much, my strength certainly has. Moving up the weights in the dumbbells and being able to do more reps is definitely evident. Highlighting the importance of recording your workouts using the workout sheets provided. Plus it definitely gives you a boost of confidence when you can see the changes you desire are occurring and precious time is not being wasted.

On the downside I have spent quite abit of cash on dumbbells, increasing the weights as they become too light, otherwise gains are not going to be made over time! More weights meant more storage space required and dumbbells are slowly taking over the house. This is just something for you to think about before you start. Although I find the hex dumbbells convenient, durable and compact, as you go up in the weights the price of them rockets also!

Therefor I am considering these. Adjustable dumbbells. There’s a variety of makes available and they vary in how heavy the can be. Reviews of them are generally good. They are space saving, money saving and essentially time saving. Bad points appear to be that they are bulky to use ( may make moves harder to perform),they are quite noisy (weights clash)  and they cannot be thrown around like a regular dumbbell.

mark teamdobuk