The best project you will ever work on is YOU

In the past when it came to fitness I always used the excuse, I have no time. But it’s funny how if for example I have a doctors appointment or the dentist, a meeting or a get together, suddenly there is time available. I mark it on my calendar, date and time, then make sure I make it there – often even setting off early, requiring even more time. It’s because I have made them a priority, where as planing to a workout later in the day was more of a thought….

When I changed my thinking and put my workouts on the same platform as those other plans things soon changed. My workouts became a priority, I marked them on my calendar and made sure I did them – they were no longer just a thought or a possibility, they were set in stone.

Day by day the workouts were completed, my motivation increased – I was achieving my goals, where as before I was planing them but often failing to complete them leading to self disbelief and a low mood.I’ve never looked back. One simple change. Change your mindset and change your life.All the bestMark teamdobuk