Never enough time…

I can’t believe I used to get up, have breakfast, get gym gear, jump in the car, travel 10mins to gym, find locker, ( great I forgot my pound coin!!) do 30 min workout ( often taking an hour with waiting in turn for equipment use ), finish, hit the shower , get dressed and carry on with my day. A 30 min workout taking almost three times as long as it should – not to mention the fees! Finding time to do all that was tricky and now as a Dad it would be impossible.

So glad no I can just roll out of bed, have a quick healthy snack, start a 10 – 25 mins workout streamed from the laptop ( sometimes in my pjs!) hit the shower and be on my way all in such a short space of time and get 100% better results than I did in the past. Oh and I save money too! ££

Time is precious and was you have children to care for it can be challenging to do the things you really want to do – but there’s always a way. It worked for me and it can work for you.

I can spend the rest of the day having fun – giving the rest of my time to someone who needs it! His first experience of a bike is going well.

Have a great week