We all need a reason why.

If I was to get up one day. Decide to purchase a new car. There would be a reason behind it, motivating me toward my goal of placing shiny new wheels on my driveway. It may be because I need to get places in a more convenient way, hate public transport or just enjoy the freedom of driving. Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t feel motivated to get a new car  unless there was a reason for it. In this case, to get from A to B without drama.

This applies to fitness also. If you don’t have a reason to get fit and healthy then why would you participate in it. If there is no end goal, no motivation to start and definitely  no reason to commit to a new lifestyle change, then there will be no beginning.

My reason for fitness is not just because of the healthy side of it but also because I enjoy the challenge and commitment it takes. I’m not going to lie, some days I find it hard to get motivated (could just remain on the sofa with a boxset, #fargo) – but on those days I just stop and think of my reason for a moment.  Why I started in the first place. My body is an on going project. Seeing it change weekly, toning up and getting stronger with the end goal of feeling great is the reason I keep going.

So before you start your fitness journey, think of the reason why your doing it. Write it down to remind yourself  when you feel like giving up! I personally have mine on my phone – its with me wherever I go should I need that instant boost of motivation.

Let me know your reasons below or even what is stopping you from starting. Always here for you.

Have a fantastic week.

Mark TeamDobuk