Not leg day again!! 😩

Generally I quite look forward to working out. Especially abdominal exercises – not sit ups, I’m talking more Pilates…but leg day is my least favourite day of the week. Not sure why….I guess because I find it a tad boring?! To get around this brick wall I usually blast out some cheesy 90s club tunes or some 00s rock like korn and limp biscuit for motivation. It annoys the neighbours but fuels me through.

To be totally honest…I used to actually skip leg day!! Doh!! But now however I know the importance of hitting these huge muscle groups and although it’s a chore, I always burn the legs out once a week. ( then walk like a wonky donkey for the rest)

Focusing on total upper body will do nothing for my overall look – unless I want to look like a chicken I.e bulky body and stick insect legs. Plus strong legs can give better posture which will support your back in return – a tree is only as strong as the roots and stalks holding it up! But the biggest eye opener for me was the fact that working the large muscles in the lower body can burn more calories, create more lactic acid, and ultimately lead to a greater fat loss effect. Also as I get older I really want to maintain my mobility…..proper lower body training helps maintain flexibility, strength, and mobility.So in a nut shell, Don’t Skip Leg Day! Think of the benefits and blast through it. Unless you actually enjoy leg day of course! What’s your least favourite exercise and how do you motivate yourself to get through it? Let me know. 🤔All the best Mark Teamdobuk