Rest days are vital…

Sunday and the suns out – lucky for me it’s rest day! 🤗 After seeing progress in my overall results it’s quite hard to not do a workout in fear of taking a step back. This is hear is quite a familiar fear in the fitness world…However I remember that my body needs time to recover to avoid injury – (which would take me out of the game altogether! ) So my body’s tlc is beneficial today – I will adjust my eating slightly, reducing the carbs as there’s no workout to burn them off, but stick to my usual clean eating plan with portion control. Couldn’t go a day without my super nutritional shake either!

By Monday morning all those failed muscles from Sagi’s hard hitting bulk arms program should be repaired and ready for round two – although body parts are targeted differently each day to ensure full recovery so all is planned to perfection.

Some rest days I’ve done alittle yoga or Pilates to stretch the muscles out (which always feels amazing) , followed by a Dead Sea Salt bath to ease any aches.

One of the easiest ways I go off the rails in my training is by losing morale and giving in to feelings of irritation, hopelessness, and despondence – sadly one of the easiest ways to end up there is by overtraining to the point where you dread and despise each workout, all while not giving yourself enough time to recover.

This is a mistake, more often beginners make. I’ve been there and learned from it.

Have a fab rest day – no doubt you have a busy week ahead. Let me know what you get upto on your rest days!

All the best.

Mark Teamdobuk