The perfect day.

The suns out and I’m spending as much time with the wee one as I can before the day is done. With continuous late shifts in work it’s been almost 4 days since I’ve seen him…..other than when he’s snoring his head off.

Not the best photo, no filters, in the moment. Boys not camera. Dads not photogenic.

The average dad spends just 56 minutes a day with their son, research shows.

With work pressures and financial woes mounting, half of modern dads believe father and son bonding is becoming a thing of the past and 53 per cent think face-to-face time as at an all time low.

This is such a shame. I want my boy to have great memories of not just his childhood, but his childhood with me in it! Laying the foundations for a strong relationship when we’re older.

Daily play is essential for the health and wellbeing for children and adults – so find ways of playing inside the house, outside or where ever you are……..

Me and my son Cadan always play games on the walk to nursery and together in The shops earlier we found a nice jigsaw to do together! Basic but effective bonding and shows him how important he is to me by designating my time to him each day.

Letting my hair down ( what’s left of it ) and just living for the moment (as he does ) is the perfect way to have fun when we are together – creating playful moments through imaginary play and toys. Sets a great example so when he has his own children he will hopefully do the same.

So, put down the smart phone and go build that make believe fort! They are only children once….and not for long!

Mark teamdobuk