Death in a can….

It’s 30mins before the test is due to start and I need to be at my best. Reaching into my bag, I pull out a tall can I believe will help me blast through the questions with ease – top of my game, actually beginning to feel like I couldn’t get through a challenge without it.

That was 10 years ago, then in 2010 I took my last sip for good. I’m of course talking about energy drinks. Not going to lie I miss the taste, love the taurine flavour (maybe it’s the buckets of auger not sure ) but I no longer put my health at risk with them and now reach for a healthier alternative – often need alittle boost when the workouts calling – esp in the morning.

Energy drinks are super high in caffeine. Their high content can be very harmful – esp with alcohol. The old energy drink and vodka used to be my favourite poison back in the student days. Awake drunkenness they call it…I used to get home around 3am drunk and wide awake till sun rise. (Sorry liver, making up for it now 🙌🏻)

Advertised for their ability to increase energy and performance, energy drinks were actually first seen in Japan in the 60s….becoming more popular during the 80’s and 90s with the rave generation. Sadly they can be really harmful in large quantities causing palpitations, high blood pressure, sickness and even death.

Energy drinks can also reduce insulin sensitivity causing type 2 diabetes as well as potential neurological and cardiovascular issues in children/ teenagers .

What I find more ironic is their association with sport and activities even tho they cause obesity.

So what do I do now? When I need that boost, to be more alert or alittle more energetic? I reach for my magic potion…..energize.

This lemon flavour pre- workout is all I need to raise my performance. It helps me work harder for longer – and with every extra rep or kg I lift, allows me to get results faster. Beta alanine, low dose caffeine and quercetin are cutting edge ingredients that help improve performance, sharpen focus and delay exercise induced muscle fatigue.

It’s all in the links if you would like to order or would like some more info.

Thanks for reading. Stay healthy.

Mark teamdobuk