Time for change?

Apologies for the absences. Summer, daddy duties, sinus issues and work have all be donating the life of Dobbs this week.

Whilst in my spare time I have taken a small step back to look at my current fitness regime and goals. Result… I’m thinking of mixing it up alittle.

Using the Beachbody workouts I can see they give results and in my opinion the perfect substitute for the gym. Where i struggle however is the nutrition. Beachbody provided a wealth of information on this, with meal plans and portion control, so it’s not the lack of knowledge. My issue is lack of time and in same ways effort. I buy convenient low cal ready meals, protein bars and generally anything ready made which is low in fat and full of protein- this kinda works, but is not the best or healthiest option and can also be expensive.

So keeping to the workouts I will however be looking to other options in nutrition, which will maximise my results but still work around my long work hours and commitments at home.

I will keep you up dated, now onwards and get that vitamin D!!! ☀️