The night before…

Getting the mind into gear…

So it’s the night before I begin my 16 week body transformation challenge. Am I looking forward to it? Yes and No. ‘No’ because since my hols I have become quite attached to my junk food.

With the arrival of my huge brown box of nutrition on Thursday I am getting excited to experience these products (because of their positive reviews) and see how well they work for me.

I have hydration remedy’s to help me push myself further. Caffeine shots ( all natural ) to maintain my focus throughout the day whilst doing long work shifts. I’m not really a coffee lover so fancied a trial of these. Pure protein for a bed time night cap so my body can recover as I sleep. A super nutritional meal replacement ( to go alone side my normal meals…I don’t want to loose weight!) full of vitamins and essential minerals. Plus two large bottles which contain extra goodness to be taken daily which will keep my body in top form against all the daily stresses life may throw my way.

Yes these are my weapons of choice. Why do I need all these you ask? Well I am no good at meal prepping for one…ok I hate meal prepping and i feel I don’t have the time ( or patience), plus usually what I make is pants and wouldn’t give my body what it need to cope with the demanding workouts. Also I’ve tried cheaper supplements and shakes in the past and they have improved results visually , but being cheaper they have not made me feel good in the process. I’m sure you’ve had protein shakes that’s have left you bloated with a dodgy belly.

Now all I need is a good nights sleep for tomorrow I must take the all embarrassing ( but super motivating ) ‘before’ photos with measurements included

I’ll keep you updated