Snacking issues…

I’ve always resisted the urge to buy protein bars – mainly because the ones I have bought in the past have always been chunky, dry and hard to digest. Often leaving a yucky feeling in my belly 🤮.

This could be down to the fact that I always bought cheap bars as I refused to spend anything over £1.50 for a bar of chocolate ( even if it is loaded with protein!) I just couldn’t justify it.

So to get some extra protein and beat hunger attacks I began buying snack bars loaded with peanuts. These were a much cheaper alternative and a good protein boost, but they never seemed to leave me feeling satisfied and I always ended up reaching for more snacks to feed the hunger. Often unhealthy snacks, which won’t help me hit my goals. So not a good solution.

Anyways to cut a long story short I finally bit the bullet and invested in some premium bars ( works out around £2.50 a bar when bought in bulk ) and I have to say I’m not disappointed.

18grams of protein in each and they taste amazing. Hard not to just have one, could eat them all day long. Plus it’s good to know as they are a premium product that they ain’t full of artificial rubbish which could be messing up my insides bigtime.

They come in boxes of ten for around £26.00 I tend to use them as a quick protein fix when I’m in a rush – pop one in the car or my work bag and it’s there when I need it. I’ve avoided a few hunger impulse trips to the fast food joint as these have been to hand. Slept in? No time for breakfast? BOOM!! In the car, breakfast on the go, made it to work, no problem. Overall I’m well impressed.

There’s are of course many ways to get protein. But if your like me, I prefer quick easy solutions to cope with a busy day juggling work, childcare and training. So these are ideal. Hit me up if you would like some info on these tasty treats and other snacking options available to help you hit your goals.

All the best