Progress won’t happen over night….

I love fitness. But I try not to let it dominate my life. My biggest problem is calories…..I don’t get enough of them to get the results I want….it has taken me a long time to realise this. But it’s never too late for change, it’s called progress. I’ve learned so much over the years with my form, use of effective supplements and my overall abilities and limitations.

However the fear of putting on too much weight is actually stopping me getting the body I want…not that having a slim toned body is bad…but when bulking is the goal and I’m lifting heavy weights while doing a bodybuilding program and getting smaller – what’s the point.

October sees the release of lift4 to all Beachbody on demand members. A bodybuilding and HITT workout routine that’s only four days a week. Perfect for me. I have four days off a week. So Four days working out only. Don’t get the wrong idea…these workouts are very intense and will test you to the limits. Results will be seen if you stick at it! All these workouts are scientifically researched to give you the results you desire. It’s all down to your effort and commitment. I’m very committed, it’s the effort…..I sometimes don’t give it my all, especially when a box set on netflix is calling me. Ozarks is amazing btw.

So it’s almost two weeks till the beginning of Oct so if your looking to change, drop me a message and we can start it together as a group on Facebook. Groups fitness is proven to give better results through motivation and a feeling of responsibility to your new fitness family.

Have a great weekend