Loving these rest days.

I was always under the impression that muscles become stronger and bigger whilst doing my weight training or HIIT workout program, with a fear that they would breakdown, becoming weaker when I crashed out, sat doing nothing with a box set or two.

Dobbs was so wrong. Exercise breaks muscle down, hence why we get weaker. But it’s rest and recovery after exercise that makes our muscles become stronger by building them up – the body is a wonderful creation, with its ability to repair itself (in this case the damaged tissue from excessive exercise) making it better than before.

Plus I was always afraid to take breaks, a week or two off, in case I lost all my hard work. The truth luckily is that it takes about a month before most weight lifters will see any sort of change in body shape/tone once workouts have ceased.

Often however I will do some basic stretches or some Pilates on my rest days as I like to lengthen my muscles…..on day I will touch my toes without bending my knees!!

Let’s not forget my magic potion. This product is really improving my results – overall I’m not as sore the following day as before and my muscles do appear more defined. I usually take it just before bed to fuel my muscles as I sleep.

With 18 grams of protein per serving, IsaPro helps build and maintain lean muscle mass when combined with an exercise regime.

It’s the ideal choice to replenish your protein stores or post-workout to help you reach your daily recommended protein intake.

• Build and maintain lean muscle

• Supports improved athletic performance

• No artificial flavours or sweeteners

• Contains branched-chain amino acids

If you would like some more info do get in touch.

All the best