Let’s all be a little less stressed.

Mental health is a familiar topic these days. I’m very open about the fact I suffer with anxiety – hiding it just made it harder as no one understood the reasons behind my actions or strange behaviours. Taking medication can help, it helped me, however when life gets too hectic the struggles push through.

One of the biggest learning curves from all my experience in battling anxiety is that mindful ness ( e.g. meditation, breathing exercises, yoga etc ) is very important and managing stress is a unbelievably effective way of taming the black dog of anxiety/depression.

I try to practice these simple tips to improve my overall mood and stay on top of things. Breaks are essential – I need timeout with family for fun and relaxation, so work overtime has taking a backseat! Even though the extra pennies are nice, ( I would love that new OLED tv ) but as I get older I see more clearly that my health is far more important!

An obvious change was my diet, I reduced the caffeine, which was tough as I felt I needed it to combat the tiredness caused from being on edge all the time, but trust me I felt better without. Same for alcohol, that shits down to bare minimum – sounds boring I know but there are other ways to have fun 😉

Crying… if it’s there let it out, doesn’t mean your less of a man. It helps vent the emotional pressure.

One of my downfalls….I set my goals to high, then have to face Failure which really dampens my mood. These days I make lists and be reasonable about what I can really accomplish in a given time. Oh and live within your means guys/girls…. debt is not a nice thing to have and it won’t go away easily.

An easy one, talk things out….I’m a huge fan of this. Not only does it reinforce the fact I’m not alone to battle my struggles but it totally relieves pressures and alters the way issues are dealt with or how I think about them.

Lastly my fav…exercise. Since doing daily workouts I have found my mood lifted and my energy increased. Don’t be put off peeps, the hardest part is starting..trust me I know, but once you get going the ball keeps rolling and it becomes easier.

So breath and relax, your heart will thank you for it and please please talk to someone, reach out if things are getting to much, even to me.