Joys of being a Dad.

Hearing “Daddy!” Screamed with excitement when I come home each day from work is one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing his smile warms my heart every time and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Shocking as it may seem….i actually never wanted children. True Fact. The thought of giving up my freedom and having such huge responsibilities was a big no no for me. But those feelings vanished in a instance upon first seeing his outline in the initial scans. My Life didn’t end, it improved.

He’s three now and the mixture of emotions I’ve had over the years with him has been incredible. Yes it can be stressful, expensive and often cause arguments…but it’s worth it. The love I receive from my son is like no other can give. He doesn’t tell me this of course, but his little hugs and even sometimes the way he looks at me shows I’m his world as much as he’s mine. Even when he attempted to clean my prized car with a piece of rough sponge shaped plastic – my heart warmed at him trying to help his Dad out.

Anyways just wanted to share my top five pieces of advice for the new dad..

It will be tough on times. ESP if there is the lack of sleep. So at these times take a time out. Find a quite spot, 10 secs deep breaths, then get back into it. Don’t let the tension build up and up till you break. Plus remember, it’s a learning process, go easy on yourself.

Try and ease up on the work hours. Your bundle of joy doesn’t stay that way for long and you really need to enjoy it. Honestly it goes like a flash. Work will always be there but those special moment won’t. Lots and lots of photos are essential.

Same a cleaning. It will never go away. Get down on the floor and play. Enjoy entering their world of fun and relax.

Keep and eye on your health, it’s easy to neglect yourself and your diet. Obviously your baby needs you now, but they will also need you for as long as possible later on too!

Be extra supportive to your partner. They have just gone through the trauma of childbirth and hormones, emotions are all over the place. Read some literature to get tips, offer to help and make sure you both get some time together…alone.