Still smooth….

Dobbs is still kicking it with the smoothies. My nutrabullet is taking a beating…but in my opinion it’s 100 times better than a blender due to its ability to extract all the nutrients with ease.

Never any lumps, always super smooth.

Lately I have been cleansing my body with celery. It reportedly has so many benefits it’s was hard not to give it a go. Do i feel any different? Ummm not yet but I presume one weeks not enough. Thinking of maybe three months of this daily, then see how I feel.

So basically I get a apple, sliced, seeds removed, juice for one lemon, three celery sticks and a handful of spinach. That’s it. Add water then blend.

It actually tastes really refreshing, more so if you skip the spinach but I like the extra goodness. Great after a workout. Just don’t down it, it’s quite heavy on the stomach.

My main reason for using it apart from flushing out toxins is its ability to help combat the high levels of cortisol I no doubt have in my body. I suffer from anxiety and get stressed quite easily so my cardio vascular system is under a lot of tension most of the time and not in a good way. To much cortisol can constrict blood vessels causing hypertension. Coumarins found in the celery can help reduce the effect of stress hormones like cortisol.

So If i start young and i’l reek the benefits in later life I hope. 🤔