Still smooth….

Dobbs is still kicking it with the smoothies. My nutrabullet is taking a beating…but in my opinion it’s 100 times better than a blender due to its ability to extract all the nutrients with ease. Lately I have been cleansing my body with celery. It reportedly has so many benefits it’s was hard not to […]

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Time to nourish…

Last week my body was destroyed by the Noro virus. I lived for three days on the bathroom floor it was brutal. It also put a complete stop to my workouts. Jumping up and down in that state surely would of created a Jackson pollock inspired masterpiece from floor to ceiling. It did however have […]

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Joys of being a Dad.

Hearing “Daddy!” Screamed with excitement when I come home each day from work is one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing his smile warms my heart every time and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Shocking as it may seem….i actually never wanted children. True Fact. The thought of giving up my freedom […]

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Loving these rest days.

I was always under the impression that muscles become stronger and bigger whilst doing my weight training or HIIT workout program, with a fear that they would breakdown, becoming weaker when I crashed out, sat doing nothing with a box set or two. Dobbs was so wrong. Exercise breaks muscle down, hence why we get […]

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Snacking issues…

I’ve always resisted the urge to buy protein bars – mainly because the ones I have bought in the past have always been chunky, dry and hard to digest. Often leaving a yucky feeling in my belly 🤮. This could be down to the fact that I always bought cheap bars as I refused to […]

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