Protein at bedtime?

As your now aware, I’m on a 16 week challenge to get super lean. One technique I have never tried before until last week was the intake of a protein drink just before sleep – to support and reinforce my new formed muscles as I slept. This is supposed to have its benefits and if […]

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I’m so bad at this!!

Super hot day in Scotland , gym gear on, press play, it’s ten mins in and I’m struggling. Feel weak, sluggish and lack energy. More so it’s frustrating. Another failed session. All because of one simple thing…..I’m dehydrated. 🤦‍♂️ In 12 hours I probably drank two – three glasses of water. I am now however […]

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Day one of the journey.

Today was my first taste of my new healthy nutrition plan….it’s to early to judge but these products are definitely different to the rest I’ve tried and are of very high quality. After a 12 hour busy shift, and little sleep, at 7:30pm I got in, did the workout and even now I still feel […]

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The night before…

So it’s the night before I begin my 16 week body transformation challenge. Am I looking forward to it? Yes and No. ‘No’ because since my hols I have become quite attached to my junk food. With the arrival of my huge brown box of nutrition on Thursday I am getting excited to experience these […]

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Holiday workouts

I loved my week off in Yorkshire. Had the sun, had my family and had lots of fun….but it’s always a fear that eating out and drinking alittle more alcohol may chip away at all the hard work I’ve achieved with my fitness routine Plus as it’s my hols there’s noway I’m going to spend […]

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Time for change?

Apologies for the absences. Summer, daddy duties, sinus issues and work have all be donating the life of Dobbs this week. Whilst in my spare time I have taken a small step back to look at my current fitness regime and goals. Result… I’m thinking of mixing it up alittle. Using the Beachbody workouts I […]

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A good nights sleep for me usually equals a top performance workout with good form and more reps or weight. Disturbed sleep just leaves me Un motivated with a desire to complete a new boxset on Netflix. Dysania? – A struggle to get out of bed in the morning, something I often battle. Probably why […]

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Death in a can….

It’s 30mins before the test is due to start and I need to be at my best. Reaching into my bag, I pull out a tall can I believe will help me blast through the questions with ease – top of my game, actually beginning to feel like I couldn’t get through a challenge without […]

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The perfect day.

The suns out and I’m spending as much time with the wee one as I can before the day is done. With continuous late shifts in work it’s been almost 4 days since I’ve seen him…..other than when he’s snoring his head off. Not the best photo, no filters, in the moment. Boys not camera. […]

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