Body Beast

Do you want to get ripped? Get lean? And get noticed… of course… this is my home workout of choice to go along side my 16 week challenge. I have tried it on and off for the last three months and the results have been surprisingly good. Great even. It can be super tough some days, but I personally have seen more change on this program than all the years I toyed around in the gym, looking like I knew what I was doing and getting nowhere fast.

Body Beast, the most advanced muscle-defining resistance-training program designed to get you completely ripped and chiselled in just 90 days! Which is perfect because the challenge I’m completing is 16 weeks long. Perfect.

Basically looking to lose weight and gain definition or put on some extra muscle, Body Beast is the program for you. Plus its fun, I really enjoy it – maybe not leg day but I don’t think I’m alone on that one.

Body Beast works perfectly for men and women to get the head-turning body you have always wanted – at any age and any fitness level. All you need is a few dumbbells and as little as 30 minutes a day. I will be using a bench, three sets of weights 5kg, 7kg and 10kg and my kitchen TV. BOOM!!

Curious? Bored of the gym? Want to follow me on your own challenge? let me know and I will send you all the details.